This fixture list may be  subject to change.

Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17
Sun - 1MenWed 1Wed 1
Mon - 2LadiesThu 2Thu 2
Tue - 3Fri 3Open SinglesFri 3Open Singles
Wed - 4Sat 4Sat 4
Thur - 5Sun 5MenSun 5Men
Fri - 6Open SinglesMon 6LadiesMon 6Ladies
Sat - 7Tue 7Tue 7
Sun - 8MenWed 8Wed 8
Mon - 9LadiesThu 9Thu 9
Tue - 10Fri 10Open SinglesFri 10Open Singles
We 11Sat 11Sat 11
Thu 12Sun 12MenSun 12Men
Fri  13Open SinglesMon 13LadiesMon 13Ladies
Sat 14Tue 14Tue 14
Sun 15MenWed 15Wed 15
Mon 16LadiesThu 16Thu 16
Tue 17Fri 17Open SinglesFri 17Open Singles
Wed 18Sat 18Sat 18
Thu 19Sun 19MenSun 19Men
Fri 20Open SinglesMon 20LadiesMon 20Ladies
Sat 21Tue 21Tue 21
Sun 22MenWed 22Wed 22
Mon 23LadiesThu 23Thu 23
Tue 24Fri 24Open SinglesFri 24Open Singles
Wed 25Sat 25Sat 25
Thu 26Sun 26MenSun 26Monthly Medal
Fri 27Open SinglesMon 27LadiesMon 27Ladies
Sat 28Tue 28Tue 28
Sun 29MenWed 29
Mon 30LadiesThu 30
Tue 31Fri 31Open Singles



 Apr-17 May-17 Jun-17
Sat 1stMon - 1st9 Hole  Mixed Competitionon NewtownThur-1st.
Sun 2ndMenTue - 2ndFourballFri-2nd.Open Singles
Mon 3rdLadiesWed - 3rdLadies / Long HandicapSat-3rd.Captains Mixed Foursomes
Tue 4thThu - 4thSun-4th.Captains Day - Noel Cunningham
Wed 5thFri- 5thOpen SinglesMon-5th.Team Event
Thu 6thSat - 6th Jimmy Bruen 1st RoundTues-6th.Fourball
Fri  7thOpen SinglesSun - 7thNomad Cup QualifierWed-7th.Ladies Open Compeition/ Long Handicap
Sat 8thMon 8LadiesThur-8th.
Sun 9thMenTue-9th.FourballFri-9th.Open Singles
Mon 10thLadiesWed-10th.Long HandicapSat-10th.
Tue 11thFourballThur-11th.SUN-11th.Elme's Cup
Wed 12thLong HandicapFri-12th.Open SinglesMon-12th.Ladies
Thur 13thSat-13th. Jimmy Bruen / 2nd RoundTues-13th.Fourball
Fri 14thOpen SinglesSun-14th.Jimmy Bruen / 2nd RoundWed-14th.Long Handicap
Sat 15thMon-15th.LadiesThur-15th.
Sun 16thEaster  CupTue-16th.FourballFri-16th.Open Singles
Mon 17thLadies & Gent's Team EventWed-17th.Ladies Past Captians/ Presidents / Long HandicapSat-17th.Open Long Handicap
Tue 18thFourballThur-18th.SUN-18th.Joe Brown Cup
Wed 19thLadies / Long HandicapFri-19th.Open SinglesMon-19th.Ladies
Thu 20thSat-20th.Tues-20th. Club Fourball
Fri 21stOpen SinglesSun-21st.Men + President's (Michel Carey) Prize to LadiesWed-21st. Long Handicap
Sat 22ndMon-22nd.LadiesThur-22nd
Sun 23rdMenTue-23rd.FourballFri-23rd.Open Singles
Mon 24thDunmore ClassicWed-24th.Long HandicapSat-24th.Past Captain's / Presidents
Tue 25thDunmore ClassicThur-25th.Open SeniorsSUN-25th.Men
Wed 26thDunmore ClassicFri-26th.Open SinglesMon-26th.Ladies
Thu 27thDunmore ClassicSat-27th.Tues-27th.Fourball
Fri 28thOpen SinglesSun-28th.Munster Express CupWed-28th.Long Handicap
Sat 29thMon-29th.LadiesThur-29th.Open Seniors
Sun 30thKeating & Gaule CupTue - 30FourballFri-30th.Open Singles
Wed - 31stLong Handicap




Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17
Sat 1stTue 1stFourballFri 1Open Singles
Sun 2ndBaron Fleming CupWed 2ndLong HandicapSat 2ILGU District Finals
Mon 3rdLadiesThur 3rdSun 3Men
Tue 4thFourballFri 4thOpen SinglesMon 4Ladies
Wed 5thLong HandicapSat 5th  Ian St John  Benefit ClassicTue 5Fourball
Thu 6thSun 6thIan St John Golf Benefit ClassicWed 6Long Handicap
Fri  7thOpen SinglesMon 7thCommunity Care DayThu 7
Sat 8thLady Captains Mixed FoursomesTue 8thFourballFri 8Open Singles
Sun 9thLady Captain - Noreen O SheaWed 9thLadies / Long HandicapSat 9 Lady Presidents Mixed
Mon 10thThur 10thSun 10Men / Lady President - Joyce Moran's Day
Tue 11thFourballFri 11thOpen SinglesMon 11Ladies
Wed 12thLadies Open Competition/ Long HandicapSat 12thTue 12
Thur 13thSun 13thCaptains Prize to LadiesWed 13
Fri 14thOpen SinglesMon 14thThu 14
Sat 15thTue 15thFourballFri 15Open Singles
Sun 16thMen's Monthly MedalWed 16thLadies  -Long HandicapSat 16 Ladies Master Golfer
Mon 17thLadiesThu 17thSun 17Master Golfer / Mens Comp
Tue 18thJunior Open /CompetitionFourballFri 18thTom Healy MemorialMon 18Ladies
Wed 19thLong HandicapSat 19thOpen Tournament Singles / Mixed FoursomesTue 19
Thu 20thSun 20th3 Man Team EventWed 20
Fri 21stOpen SinglesMon 21stLadies Challenge Cup / Gents FourballThu 21
Sat 22ndJunior / Intermediate Scratch CupsTue 22ndLadies 2 Person Team Event / Gents FourballFri 22Open Singles /  Ashburnahm
Sun 23rdMenWed 23rdSingles Stableford / Ladies 11 Hole 3 Person ScrambleSat 23 Ashburnham
Mon 24thLadiesThu 24thGents FourballSun 24Monthly Medal / Ashburnham
Tue 25thFourballFri 25thOpen Tournament SinglesMon 25Ladies
Wed 26thLong HandicapSat 26th18 Hole Fourball StablefordTue 26
Thu 27thOpen SeniorsSun 27thMajestic Cup Challenge / 18 Hole Mixed FoursomesWed 27
Fri 28thOpen SinglesMon 28thLadiesThu 28Open Seniors
Sat 29thPresidents Mixed FoursomesTue 29thFourballFri 29Open Singles
Sun 30th Michael Carey - President's DayWed 30thLong HandicapSat 30
Mon 31stLadiesThu 31stOpen Seniors




Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17
Sun - 1MenWed 1LadiesFri 1Open Singles
Mon - 2LadiesThu 2Sat 2
Tue - 3Fri 3Open Singles Lady Captins DinnerSun 3Men / Mens Club AGM
Wed - 4Sat 4Mon 4Ladies
Thur - 5Sun 5MenTue 5
Fri - 6Open SinglesMon 6LadiesWed 6
Sat - 7Matchplay FinalsTue 7Thu 7
Sun - 8MenWed 8Fri 8Open Singles
Mon - 9LadiesThu 9Sat 9
Tue - 10Fri 10Open SinglesSun 10Men / Joint Club AGM
We 11Sat 11Mon 11Ladies
Thu 12Sun 12MenTue 12
Fri  13Open SinglesMon 13LadiesWed 13
Sat 14Tue 14Thu 14
Sun 15MenWed 15Fri 15Open Singles
Mon 16LadiesThu 16Sat 16
Tue 17Fri 17Open SinglesSun 17Men
Wed 18Sat 18Mon 18Ladies
Thu 19Sun 19MenTue 19
Fri 20Open SinglesMon 20LadiesWed 20
Sat 21Tue 21Thu 21
Sun 22MenWed 22Mass for DeceasedFri 22Open Singles
Mon 23LadiesThu 23Sat 23
Tue 24Fri 24Open Singles / Captains DinnerSun 24Men
Wed 25Sat 25Mon 25Ladies
Thu 26Open  SeniorsSun 26MenTue 26
Fri 27Open SinglesMon 27LadiesWed 27
Sat 28Tue 28Thu 28 Captain's Drives In
Sun 29MenWed 29Fri 29Open Singles
Mon 30Team EventThu 30Sat 30
Tue 31Sun 31Men